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An essential addition to any Band of Gold music collection.  This interview with Robert Cotter was recorded in December 2000, just weeks before his death.  Includes an hour of comments from "The Boss," touching on his memories of the Band and his philosophies.  This new CD replaces our prior (and now obsolete) cassette tape, which includes chapters so that listeners can skip to their favorite sections.

A Chat With The Boss

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A fantastic collection of Band of Gold field show and concert favorites.  This two disc set is compiled from the recordings of 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1978, which have been remastered for your listening pleasure. Excerpts from a BBC broadcast, including the singing of the Alma Mater, and the audio from the 1978 world championship field show, with commentary from Herb Melleney, are added features of this set.
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This is the first DVD produced by the Alumni Association, and it includes some of the finest Band of Gold performances.  Highlights include the 1978 BBC documentary "Sounds of Gold" and the world championship concert and field performances from Holland.  Bonus features include interviews with Joe Donahey and David Brittain, and a special video compilation of the Band's development through the years.
The Magnificent Band   of Gold, Volume 1
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Our latest DVD includes some rare recordings from earlier Band of Gold years.  These performances come from black & white home movies so the images sometimes lack detail, but fans will still enjoy some of the best field shows in the history of the Band of Gold. Highlights include the 1974 Band at the Southeastern Tournament of Bands in Abbeville, SC., the 1976 Band at the American Bowl in Tampa, and the 1977 Band performing their Spanish Show in Gainesville, Fl.
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The complete set of Band of Gold recordings.  There are hours of great entertainment that your family and friends can enjoy for years to come. Plus there is a $15 discount from ordering each CD or DVD individually.
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